About Director



Experience – 12 years experience in ophthalmology department and expertise in Phaco (cataract)Surgery via latest technology.

Memberships And Awards

  • Life membership in All India Ophthalmology Society
  • Life membership in Delhi Ophthalmology Society
  • Life membership in UP Ophthalmology Society
  • Board member of SR Charitable Trust
  • Awarded for doing maximum Catarct Surgery 2018-2019 by Honorable U.P Governor Shrimati Anandibai Patel

About Us

VAGA Superspeciality Hospital has experience in the healthcare sector, and is known for providing quality healthcare and valuable experience to our patients. Our healthcare offerings are supported by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals who have rich knowledge and experience in their respective domains.

We provide quality and affordable healthcare to everyone. It will encompass across the healthcare ecosystem, including Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Primary Care & Diagnostic Clinics. The cornerstones of Vaga’s legacy are its unstinting focus on clinical excellence, affordable costs, technology and forward-looking research & academics.