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Nurturing Dreams of Parenthood: Our Premier Department of Infertility

Welcome to VAGA Hospital's distinguished Department of Infertility, where hope meets expertise in the journey towards parenthood. With a team of leading fertility specialists, cutting-edge reproductive technologies, and a compassionate approach, we proudly stand as a beacon of excellence in infertility care.

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Whether you’re just beginning your fertility journey or seeking advanced reproductive solutions, our Department of Infertility is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of care. Reach out to our compassionate team to schedule a consultation, learn about our services, or explore the modern facilities we offer.

Experience the assurance of top-tier infertility care through VAGA Hospital’s Department of Infertility. Your dream of parenthood is our priority.

Our Team of Expert Doctors

Meet our compassionate fertility specialists, dedicated to realizing your dream of parenthood. With advanced expertise and personalized care, they guide you on your journey to conception.

Dr. Rati Adhauliya

Dr. Nileema Ghatak

Ekta Chaudhary

Dr. Mohita Chandbhushan